Fine Art Surfaces



Add dimension and longevity to your next piece by using a beautiful wooden panel.

Choose from our three substrates or work with us on a custom material. No settling allowed.


Baltic Birch

Looking for something better than plywood? Look no further. Baltic Birch is a great starting place for a piece that will hold almost any medium and age beautifully.


Veneered Ply

There’s strength in layers. Try Veneered Ply for a super strong, durable material.

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Want to take wood grain out of the equation? Even denser than plywood, MDF can handle anything you throw at it.

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Panel Pricing

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Canvas Stretchers

We don’t do yoga, but we can definitely help you with canvas stretchers.

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It’s like putting a suit and tie on your artwork.

Instantly protect and increase the value of your work.
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Something else we can make for you?

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